NEW! Silly Saturdays with Miss Jeanie – August 2 @ 10:30am

NEW PERFORMANCE:  Saturday, August 2 @ 10:30 to 11:15am – Silly Saturdays with Miss Jeanie! Suggested donation: $3

Miss Jeanie, a local children’s librarian and musician, will be sharing songs, rhymes, stories, and puppet friends with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers (and their grown-ups) almost every Saturday in August! Come on by for some silly Saturday early literacy fun!

Come out and support Miss Jeanie and encourage her to continue her Saturday show throughout the year!

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FREE EVENT – Field Day at Cafe au Play – July 30 @ 1 to 3pm!

SPECIAL EVENT:  Wednesday, July 30 @ 1 to 3pm – Cafe au Play Field Day facilitated by Franklin High School Sophomores! FREE!!

Please join us at Cafe au Play from 1 to 3pm for a fun and interactive field day! As part of an intensive, community-oriented summer program, a group of Franklin sophomores have organized this special field day geared towards children ages 1-7! However, children of all ages are welcome to attend!!

Activities will include a sidewalk chalk art station, finger painting station, parachute games, bubbles, fishing for prizes and a water balloon toss!  Not to be missed!


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July 19 – Jester Educational Theater Performance – “All I Need”

Coming up this Saturday, July 19 @ 11:00 am to Noon – Jester Educational Theater presents ~ All I Need ~ A musical fairy tale mashup featuring tater tots ~ by Kevin Muir

This 50-minute toe-tapping show features seven songs and seven fabulous young performers–Don’t miss out! Perfect for the entire family from the two-year old on up–

What if the Big Bad Wolf were also Belle’s Beast? What if the three Bears were actually in search of husbands, who might just turn out to be Pigs, smallish? Come find out the answers to these curious questions, and more besides–don’t miss out!

See you at the show!

Kevin Muir

All I need logo

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July 15 @ 11:15am – SPECIAL Spanish Story & Playtime!

SPECIAL CLASS, July 15 @ 11:15am to Noon – Spanish Story & Playtime!

Join Portland Early Learning Project for a lively and interactive SPANISH STORY & PLAYTIME! Get ready to shake maracas and ask for “más burbujas” with Jessica! Books, songs, and lots of movement make this event **FUN** and **ENGAGING **for the whole family!

Spanish Storytime

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G is for… GROW Grant, Gratitude, Generosity and Giving Back

G is for winning the $10,000 GROW Grant and the Gratitude we feel for all our supporters, friends and family that voted everyday for Cafe au Play! is also for Giving Cafe au Play the opportunity to expand our Barista Training Program and open Night Grounds in September! Thank you Advantis Credit Union for the Generous financial support you give to all the organizations that become grant recipients of your GROW Grant!

In June, the Staff and Board of Directors of Cafe au Play would tell me stories about the generous support we received during the voting process.

At the cash register, patrons of Cafe au Play would promise to vote everyday! 

Matt Lynch, Tallulah’s Daddy, would make an announcement about voting for CAP during his show every Friday! 

Josh Lighthipe, Cafe au Play Board President, said that his co-workers would tell him everyday that they had voted!  

My father, Charles Heying, Founding Board Member & PSU Professor, said that the faculty at PSU would email him after they had voted!

My childhood best friend, Justine Block, sent the link to her networks in California asking them to support us! 

Alissa Keny-Guyer, our Oregon District 46 State Legislator, emailed us to let us know she was voting everyday!

And of course all the family members, neighbors and friends of the Staff and Board of CAP voted from places all over the United States:  Oregon, Iowa, Minnesota, California, Maryland, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York to name a few! 

All of you made Cafe au Play feel very special and supported which means more than you can imagine! We work hard to improve and grow at Cafe au Play so letting us know you voted everyday makes us feel appreciated!  Thank you so much for your continued support and stay tuned for more details about the opening of Night Grounds in September!


Kristin Heying, Cafe au Play Executive Director

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Barista Student & Staff Art Show Reception Today!

Cafe au Play Art Show Reception – Wednesday, July 2 @ 5:30 to 6:30pm!

Join us for the reception of our newest display of artwork! This month’s artwork will be a collaboration of pieces from students in our Barista Training Program and Staff Members at Cafe au Play. Snacks and drinks will be available for attendees to enjoy while browsing the artwork.

Pavlina Slezak (Student) – Acrylic Paint

Linsey Haraldsen (Student) – Ink/Charcoal

Stefanie Dejesus (Student) – Digital Illustration

Erin Richardson (Staff) – Photography

Anna Daggett (Staff) – Photography

Marc Langlois (Staff) – Mixed Medium

Emilie Keever (Staff) – Pencil/Colored Pencil

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M is for… Motivate Your Networks to Vote – Voting Ends at 5pm Today!

Voting Link:

We did it – we gave you 22 reasons to vote Cafe au Play and our Barista Training Program!  So please vote one last time today before 5pm – thank you!

There are 22 days to vote for the Advantis Credit Union GROW Grant and 22 letters in the program title we are seeking funds for – our Barista Training ProgramWe are giving you 22 reasons to vote for Café au Play!  

Voting Day #22:  M is for helping students Mature by Motivating them to Master important work concepts, barista skills and food service skills!

Voting Day #21:  A is for the students that Accomplish the Introductory Barista Program by training on shift for 150 hours over a six month period!

Voting Day #20:  R is for teaching students to be Receptive to constructive feedback in our barista program so they can Refine their skills!

Voting Day #19:  G is for the Gratitude we have for our supporters who have voted everyday to keep us at the top of the list of potential grant recipients. Thank you all!

Voting Day #18:  O is for the Opportunity to help youth Overcome the challenges that make it difficult for them to get a job!

Voting Day #17:  R is for Reaching out to the youth in our community to offer them the opportunity to learn job skills!

Voting Day #16:  P is for the students that Persevere when they are learning and implementing new skills! P is also for the Patient staff that encourage the students to Persevere when new skills are difficult to learn!

Voting Day #15:  G is for Giving our barista students the skills and experience they need to have a successful future in the workplace!

Voting Day #14:  N is for Nurturing the interpersonal connections that are fostered between community members of all ages at Café au Play!

Voting Day #13:  I is for Involvement – students are encouraged to host their own events at the cafe to help bring everyone together!

Voting Day #12:  is for the New skills students will learn at Night Grounds Cafe

Voting Day #11:  I is for taking Initiative, a crucial work skill that we teach in our Barista Training Program!

Voting Day #10:  A is for Achieving our goal of opening Night Grounds at Cafe au Play, a community center for youth, by youth if we win this grant!

Voting Day #9:  R is for Reliability – an important work trait we want all our students to learn before they finish the program!

Voting Day #8:  T is for Teaching the barista students to be Thoughtful and Thorough Team members!

Voting Day #7:  A is for the Awesome students that participate in our program!  A is also for Attaining our goal of expanding our barista training program if we win this grant!

Voting Day #6:  T is for the Tremendous effort Cafe au Play Staff put forth in Teaching our barista students and Training them to create a Technically Tasty lattes!

Voting Day #5:  S is for Serving the needs of families and youth in our community by building Social Connections!

Voting Day #4:  I is for Inspiring youth to Imagine all the ways they can contribute to their community and connect to other youth. I is also for Inclusiveness, one of Café au Play’s core values!

Voting Day #3:  R is for Responsibility – an important work trait we teach in our Barista Training Program!

Voting Day #2:  A is for our Aspiring Barista Training Program students who have joined our program to learn important work skills and find a job!

Voting Day #1:  B is for Baristas Behind the Counter learning how to provide great customer service to everyone that comes into Café au Play! B is also for Building lasting connections between youth in the community that are crucial for social support and personal growth!


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