NEW! Native Creatures of Oregon Watercolor Workshop – August 29th @ 10:30am

NEW CLASS: Saturday, August 29 @ 10:30am to Noon – Native Creatures of Oregon Watercolor Workshop facilitated by Erin Hauer! All ages are welcome!

Suggested donation of $3/participant for purchasing art materials for weekly workshop! Every Saturday in September!

This workshop focuses on sparking children’s memories and awareness of nature to help them recognize what makes their home and neighborhood in Portland unique. By drawing the nature which surrounds us, we can learn about species and their habitats. With this, we can have a lighthearted but meaningful conversation about the effects of our land use decisions. Parents are welcome to participate to help instill these values of habitat conservation and environmental stewardship.

Participants of all ages may join, and are invited to bring images of particular native species to share and to draw from. Predawn templates will be provided for young children.

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NEW – Toddler Inspired Play for Adults – Aug. 29 @ Noon!

NEW CLASS: August 29th @ Noon to 1:30pm – Toddler Inspired Play for Adults: A time for grown-ups to remember and experience the simple pleasures of play and exploration, and to ‘love up’ the little ones we carry around with us everywhere! Facilitated by Raven Loving-Warrior, who is also available for individual and private sessions.

$3 suggested donation to cover costs. Donating more will support Raven in doing this playful work! Every Saturday in September!

Activities may include finger-painting, playing with play-dough or other sensory material, coloring with fat crayons, spelling with colorful refrigerator letters, and being read to. Suggestions are encouraged. What did you do when you were little that you’d love to do again? Help spread the word and come join Raven this Saturday!

Toddler Inspired Play for Adults

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Coming Up! Q & A about Wills, Children’s Trusts and Choosing a Guardian – Aug. 21 & Sept. 18 @ 9am

Mark Your Calendars: Two presentation dates: Friday, August 21st @ 9am & Friday, September 18th @ 9am

You won’t want to miss this important FREE Class!
By popular demand, we are inviting Michelle-Shari back!

Answering your Questions about Wills, Children’s Trusts and Choosing a Guardian – Presented by Michelle-Shari Kruss, Attorney at Law

For more information and/or to RSVP, please contact Michelle-Shari Kruss directly at (503) 490-4020 or

Our children are our greatest treasures.

1) Have you made a plan? Michelle-Shari will be going over some very common mistakes and reviewing sample planing options.

2) Do you need help deciding on a Guardian (both temporary and permanent) and Trustee for your children?

3) Do you have the required legal documents in place so that your babysitter can access medical care for you minor son or daughter? What about the Power of Attorneys so that you can stand in your partner’s shoes if he/she needs assistance with a medical or financial decision and is unable to act on their own behalf?

Please join the Cafe au Play community as we learn about these and other ways to ensure that our family is provided for properly in an upbeat and informative presentation given by an attorney who has been helping busy parents like ourselves for almost 20 years.

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August 12 @ 10:30am – 11:15amSTICKS AND STONES; BULLY AWARENESS FOR THE MODERN AGE SEMINAR hosted by Northwest Internal Arts! FREE for Parents & their children of any school-age.

Northwest Internal Arts will purchase a 12oz. coffee for every parent who attends the seminar.

Description of Seminar:
As I am sure you are aware, bullying is a constant problem that has been plaguing children for generations. Luckily, we are growing more aware of not only what bullying is, but how long lasting it’s effects are on people. In this seminar, you will learn WHAT bullying really is, WHO is involved in bullying, WHY people engage in these behaviors, and finally HOW to address and counter bullying in your child’s life.

Description of NW Youth Power:
Northwest Youth Power is a youth and family martial arts program dedicated to empowering children to become future leaders – wherever their dreams may lie. Over the past 15 years we have dedicated ourselves to the idea that martial arts are more than just punching and kicking, but a great medium for developing values that resonate in all aspects of a child’s life. We have used this dedication for the betterment of our community through volunteer outreach to schools and non-profit organizations across the Portland-Metro area.

Bully Seminar Flyer

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NEW STORY TIME: August 9 @ 10am – Melly Rhae’s Theatrical Story time!

Sunday, August 9 @ 10 to 11am – Melly Rhae’s Theatrical Story time! FREE!!

Melly Rhae is a part-time nanny & a full-time theatre student who has been deemed by her work-family as silly, goofy, funny, & (on exciting occasions) “better than TV”. Melly writes & directs her own one-woman shows in hopes to share her silly, goofy, kid sides with all of you! Every Sunday at 10am!

Mel Photo - Theatre on Sundays

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NEW CLASS starting August 11th @ 9:30am – Baby Time!

August 11th @ 9:30 to 10am – Baby Time with Jeanie Diaz & Baby Myra (Jeanie is Miss Jeanie – the host of Silly Saturdays)! FREE!!

It’s Baby Time! Join me, Baby Myra, other new parents and their babies (ages 0-12 months) for an informal weekly gathering with songs, rhymes, and fun! Every Tuesday from 9:30 to 10am! Baby Time will be followed by socializing with other new parents and their babies!


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Cafe au Play Seeking Board Members – Open House on July 28th @ 7pm!

Board Recruitment Flyer 2015

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